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How to Get Emergency Alerts on your iPhone

You can set the do not disturb mode in such a way that only the favorite people marked on your contact list can pass through the do not disturb mode when it is enabled.


5 Simple Steps to Markup and Send a Photo in iOS Messages

If you are wondering how to markup a picture in Messages app on an iPhone with iOS 11 then firstly, open the messages app and then click the camera icon at the bottom of your chat window.


What is Kodi? Is it Legal? Everything You NEED to Know About This TV Streaming App

Kodi is a platform that lets you play videos, music, podcasts and other digital media files from the internet, local storage or a home network.


Apple Sued Over Animoji Trademark

Bonansea claims that Apple was aware of the existing Animoji messaging app and even offered to purchase the trademark prior to the September's iPhone X launch.


Parental Control and Business: How to Combine Them?

Parental control is very important. However, it shouldn't stay in the way of business development. Learn how to combine them in this article.

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